LEDinside:High end commercial lighting creates market invisible champion

With the popularity of LED, the whole lamp luminous efficiency has generally reached 100lm/W, the cost performance is gradually improved, and the penetration rate is also accelerated. With the improvement of the consumption level, the improvement of light quality has become the biggest topic of the current market.

The color rendering index, color temperature and luminous efficiency are closely related to a shift in the LED, but the quality of light in color index and the color temperature, and consistency, color stability, color drift is very important, and these tend to Never mind particularly high luminous efficiency.

On the other hand, the light effect without light quality guarantee is meaningless.  There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of luminous efficiency, but if there is no light quality guarantee luminous efficiency, it will lose its significance. So when you talk about the effect of light, you must consider the color index, color tolerance, color consistency and stability and other factors affecting the quality of light.

From the luminous efficiency to the quality of light is the inevitable trend of the development of the industry. The competition of future products will undoubtedly develop from the low-level requirements that meet the light efficiency to the advanced requirements of the healthy light quality. Light effect only represents the quantity of light, while light quality can guarantee the health and quality of light.

Europe and the United States market: the promotion of luminous efficiency can simplify the design of lighting products, however, the improvement of product color rendering is to make the lighting products more close to the sun light, and has achieved the effect of replacing halogen lamp products.

The Japanese market: the luminous efficiency improvement can make lighting products more energy saving, for the high price environment in Japan, is very important. At the same time, front-line lighting vendors are more optimistic about the wisdom of lighting combined with human environment created light environment and energy saving effect.

Chinese market: most LED lighting manufacturers blindly pursue high luminous efficiency and low cost competition, while ignoring the LED for human health, comfort and intelligent lighting in higher level applications. In addition to some high-end hotels, shopping malls, stores, clubs and villas and other high-end projects in the light of the treatment of the environment more exquisite, other places to create light environment is relatively junior.

How to achieve a balance between luminous efficiency and light quality, make LED lighting application energy efficiency better, create a more comfortable light environment, become the new consideration of LED lighting.

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